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Start Date Name Location
2012-02-15 WSTA: Cloud-based Transformations - Moving Workloads into... New York, NY
2014-10-15 WSTA: Delivering Cloud, Data Center and Telecom 2014 Boston, MA
2014-04-30 WSTA: Delivering Cybersecurity Seminar 2014 New York, NY
2010-10-05 WSTA: How to Securely Leverage Cloud Computing 2010 Boston, MA USA
2011-03-02 WSTA: IT Risk Management Conference New York, NY
2002-12-28 XCon2002 Bejing, China
2003-12-27 XCon2003 Bejing, China
2004-09-17 XCon2004 Bejing, China
2005-08-18 XCon2005 Beijing, China
2005-08-18 XCon2006 Beijing, China
2007-08-28 XCon2007 Beijing, China
2008-11-18 XCon2008 Beijing, China
2009-08-18 XCon2009 Beijing, China
2010-08-04 XCon2010 Beijing, China
2011-09-01 Xcon2011 Beijing, China
2012-08-15 XCon2012 Beijing, China
2013-08-22 XCon2013 Bejing, China
2014-08-20 XCon2014 Beijing, China
1998-12-18 XmasCon/Hacking the Year Away 1998 New Orleans, Louisiana
2009-11-21 ZaCon i JHB/South Africa

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